April 19, 2021
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Applicant Information
General Aviation, Corporate, Charter, Helicopter, Warbird & Experimental Aircraft. IN ORDER TO ASSURE THE MOST ACCURATE QUOTE, PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING FORM IN ITS ENTIRETY.
Name of Applicant:
Zip Code:
Primary Telephone # of Applicant:
Fax #: (If Applicable)
AOPA Member Number:
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Email Address: (If Applicable)
Preferred Contact Method: Phone  Fax  Email
Name of Airport:
Airport Identifier:
Type of Airport: Public  Private
Is the Aircraft: Hangered  Tied Down
Use of Aircraft: Commercial  Pleasure  Other/Special Use
If other/special use, please explain:
Pilot Information
Pilot Name:
Date of Birth (mo/da/year):
Type of License: Student  Private  Commercial  ATP  Rotorwing
Type of Rating: ASEL  AMEL  IFR  CFI  CFII
Date of Last Medical (mo/da/year):
Total Hours Flown:
Total Hours Flown in Make/Model to be insured:
TT Past 12 Months:
Multi-Engine Hours:
Tail-Wheel Hours:
Retractable Gear Hours:
Date of Last BFR (mo/da/year):
List all Pilot Claims, Incidents, Accidents, FAA Medical Waivers (other than corrective lenses), FAR Violations, DUIs and any Felony Convictions: (Write "None" if nothing applies)
Aircraft Information
Make and Model:
Model Year:
Total Seats:
Insurance Information:
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Expiration Date (mo/da/year):
Coverage: Limits of Liability:
Medical Payments:
Hull Value:
Other (describe):
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Conour Insurance, Inc. 2075 Columbiana Road, Suite 1 Birmingham, AL 35216 Local phone: (205) 822-7020 Local fax: (205) 822-7066 Toll-free phone: (855) 755-2013 Toll-free fax: (855) 755-7713 email: chuck@conourins.com